Ciao! My name is Ramon Schicchi,

First of all,i want to start this short introduction to my website by thanking you for your visit!

Easyriders has always been my dream. Everything you can find in this website,is the "fruit of my passion" ! The passion for adventure ,for nature ,and for open spaces.

Everything comes from the need, the desire and the curiosity that drives people to explore, meet new people and new situations.

It is a lifepath (a lifewalk!). It is a trip made to be and to feel free!

The travels are always offered in alternative territories and with alternative transportations ...what i want to offer here with EASYRIDERS is, first of all, a moment of real life, lived with friends in an easy and different type of vacation!

It will be a holiday on a human scale, a real experience with real people!

I want your trip to also be an interior journey, where you can enjoy the landscapes and the nature, and be at peace with yourself, and what surrounds you!

My dream has become real with EASYRIDERS! My project is possible because i was born in Tuscany,i grew up here , learning what the territory has to offer and meeting the qualified professionals on each different kind of trip we offer,these people dedicated their whole lives to their passion, and they turned their passion into a job.

They will be your guide !

In this website i have brought together everything i love, first i selected the most beautiful experiences you have outside traditional tours or vacations.

It is important to note that the offerings are always designed by professionals and experts whom i trust, and who are ,most importantly my friends !

You will not be our customer. You will be our travel companion !

You will be too an EASYRIDER !

All this was done for my passion, and for my desise to share it !

Have a nice trip ;) Ramon Schicchi


"there's nowhere to walk to.. we'll make the path as walk" (V.C)

Non c'e strada dove andare fa strada camminando

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